Please copy the one of the following urls into the plugin field of the Flowplayer JS Object in your HTML page.

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About the Akamai HD Network

The Akamai HD Network is a unified platform for delivering HD quality online video at massive scale across the industry's most popular runtime environments. The Akamai HD Network leverages Akamai's patented HD EdgePlatform, adaptive bitrate streaming, instant response time-shifting technology to offer unmatched scale, quality and a highly interactive viewer experience that matches today's broadcast television experience, while providing actionable intelligence on content usage and audience engagement. The Akamai HD Network is designed and optimized for for large-scale broadcasters and film distributors to increase audience engagement and expand revenues by complementing traditional mediums such as TV and DVD with the Internet.


The Akamai Provider Plugin for Flowplayer is licensed under the Akamai Commercial License (HD Player Component license) and is linked as a plugin to the Flowplayer.swc library under it's MIT license from ).