Release Package

Support Player - JWPlayer Version 7

Support Player - JWPlayer Version 6


Requires Akamai Luna Control Center Access

Terms & Conditions

The Akamai Advanced JW Player Provider plugin should only be used with the JW Player licensed under the JW Player Commercial License.

To purchase a JW Player Commercial License if you are not already licensed, visit


The Akamai Advanced JW Player Provider plugin is licensed under the Akamai Commercial License (HD Player Component license).

Getting Started

This plugin is intended for you to load as a JW Player Media Provider for CDN access to Akamai Technologies’ network. Below you will find the URI to the plugin as well as more in depth documentation to help get you going.


Please copy the following url into your JW javascript embed object, inside a playlist item, as the provider value. You can see a example of this in the release package under sample. The Akamai plugin SWF for JWPlayer version 7 is also available in the Release Package. Plugin SWFs for JWPlayer version 6 are available under archived releases.

Current Release - changelist

Plugin for JWPlayer versions 7.0 and above (logging and no-logging)



Archived Releases

Plugin for JWPlayer versions 6.9 - 6.12